Wednesday, 16 October 2013

know who they are when they talk to you

Who is talking to you ?

During sleep when dreaming

there are some difference as in who is speaking to you during your sleep in in your dreams
& if you are ever interested to know who and what are they , do read on

these are some simple information for you to differentiate what is what and who is who & from where during your dreams when you encounter them

As a general information or pure superstitions this is really up to you


If you hear it on your left ear , they are :
  1. Ghosts, Spirits, Souls and Imps
  2. something evil in the mortal world or from the underworld
  3. something negative

If you hear it on your right ear, they are :
  1. Angels and Fairies
  2. something good in the mortal world or from the heavens
  3. something positive

Those who speak to your ears regardless left or right, you are able to distinguish if they are male or female, young or old and the language or dialect

Left connect to Right & vice versa

The left ear , left eye , left hand and left leg is connected to your right brain

The right brain is about a persons' creativity , innovations, & imaginations. Those who speak to your left ear are playing tricks on your mind and doing illusions for you to delude you and confuse you.

The left brain is your analysis , logic and theories and those who speak to your right ear are trying to get you to think and analyse and make some sense and logic of what they are telling you. They are giving to you wisdom and knowledge for you to help you.


However there are also some who do not speak to your ears but instead your heart and mind directly.

Anything whose status or ranking is higher and greater than ghosts, spirits, souls and imps but are however something evil and or from the underworld which is inclusive of underworld guards or underworld deities/gods , they speak to your mind directly & in the usual case it is a blank mind of darkness you see and you cannot see them very clearly. They will speak to you in a know language or dialect.

Examples of those speak to your mind are :
  1. demon and devil
  2. officers , guards, god and deities of the underworld

not everytime it is something bad it can also be good it all depends you have to analyse on your own.

Usually their message is more direct to the point but not always the case, it really depends.

In the usual case you see something very blank, very dark , very blur , very vague, something illusion in your dreams.

They enter your mind in the form of a sound wave and when it enters your mind it becomes into a human language or dialect known to your mind and plays with everything it can from your own mind and memories.


But there are also times which is pretty rare that you will experience something that speaks directly to your heart.

this thing that speaks directly to your heart is also a sound wave. The moment this wave enters your heart it will be automatically transformed into a language of the heart. A language that only your heart understand and no one else does. In another words speaking in your language, your heart language.

It does not speak to you in any human language or dialect. You cannot distinguish the age and gender. But it speaks to your heart, something only your heart understands. When communicating with the heart among all existing beings in this world, no language or dialect is required.

This thing that speaks to your heart is something from the heavens & good which is of higher status and ranking than fairies and angels.

Examples of such that speak to your heart are :
  1. Immortals & Deities
  2. Gods & Goddess
  3. Buddha
  4. sometimes other high & greater status & ranking beings not from the heavens but something good.

If there ever be any case you see something in your dreams besides hearing it is something very clear and real and fantasy as well as a holy feeling you will get.


Do note that these sound wave cannot be seen and heard by anyone or be detected by anything, cause it is only meant for you alone and none others.

But there are some cases of what that speaks to your mind speaks to your heart and what that speaks to your heart speaks to your mind. But those are the very rare cases.  

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