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Singapore is a Land of Transnational marriage since year 1819 until today and in the future

History of Singapore in Brief

Singapore is very young country officially founded by Sir Thomas Stanford Raffles since year 1819 of the EIC company of Great Britain and had it's independence since 9 august 1965.

Very little has been known of Singapore in the past, anything and everything officially in history about Singapore begins from year 1819 onwards and anything before was full of speculation and much was unknown or uncertain before year 1819

Chronological names of Singapore from 2nd century to 1400s

The chronological order of the old names of Singapore in history from pre colonial to colonial until the Japanese occupation of WW2 are :
  1. Sabana by the Greeks during 2nd century
  2. Pu Luo Chung(蒲羅中), probably a transliteration of the MalayPulau Ujong during 3rd century
  3. Singapura 11th century by what is today India and Indonesia
  4. Long Ya Men (龍牙門or Dragon's Tooth Strait) in 1400s by China
  5. Dan Ma Xi (淡馬錫, from MalayTamasik or Temasek which means Sea Town or Sea Port) in 1400s by Malay Penesula

Chronological names of Singapore from 1600s to 1945

Coming from the 1600s to early 1800s there are many more names coming from China and Malay Straits which are namely
  1. Seng-ka-pho(星嘉坡 or 星加坡)
  2. Seng-chiu (星洲; "Singapore Island")
  3. Seng-kok (星國 "Singapore State").
  4. Sit-la̍t (石叻) derived from the Malay word selat meaning "strait
  5. Sit-la̍t-mn̂g [石叻門] another name forLongyamen
  6. Sit-la̍t-po· (石叻埠)
  7. Si̍t-la̍t-po·(實叻埠
  8. La̍t-po·(叻埠)

Towards 1800s till pre WW2 names had by the western world and other parts of Asia were
  1. Singapore
  2. Nanyang 南洋
During WW2 of the Japanese occupation 1942 -1945 our name was Shōnantō (昭南島)

Other Names of Singapore till present

From year 1945 till 1980s, other contemporary names of different languages were :

  1. (狮城), literally "Lion City => Chinese
  2. Xīngzhōu/Seng-chiu (星洲) and Xīngguó/Seng-kok (星國) => Chinese
  3. Singapura => Malay
  4. Ciṅkappūr (சிங்கப்பூர்) &  Ciṅkappūr Kutiyarasu (சிங்கப்பூர் குடியரசு). => by the tamil Indians
  5. Sernghakborey (សិង្ហបុរី) in Khemer by the Cambodians
  6. Singapour by the French
  7. Cộng hòa , Tân Gia Pha orTân Gia Ba , Tân Gia Ba Cộng hòa quốc Chiêu Nam for Shōnan (昭南) and Hạ Châu by the Vietnamese
  8. Singapa (신가파) & Singgaporeu (싱가포르) by the Koreans

During the 1990s to 21st century of today Singapore is often referred as the Little Red Dot

Transnational Marriage background of Singapore

However, unknow to much people outside of Singapore, We Singaporeans have a very long history of Transnational Marriages or what others call as which is Cross Country Marriages, Cross Border marriages, or international marriages

Transnational marriages has always been in the roots and history of Singaporeans since our beginning of time from year 1819 till of today and even in the future and this is most unlikely to change

Early days of settlement

As Singapore is also a land of immigrants which also happens to be in our roots and history as well since early 1400s till of today , during the early days before the Japanese occupation of WW2 , our early forefather ancestors who had imgrated here had many wives along the way from their own home town country to here locally and when they go on business trips or home town visits they still marry wives along the way to and fro

The Trend of Transnational Marriages

Ever since after the Japanese occupation of WW2 , Singaporeans at the very beginning marry only wives from Malaysia and Indonesia until the 1980s

But as times goes by, the scope had expaned and Singaporean began to marry wives from Thailand and Philippines until early 1990s

And again the scope expanded further into Japan during theJ-pop season whereby Singaporeans flew into Japan to look for Japanese wives to marry back to Singapore until somewhere close to late 1990s the scope opened up further.

This time, Singaporeans began looking into wives from China and India until probably year 2005 and the trend has change again.

Our scope of wife search now expanded into Vietnam and Korea and it became into a very super high unbelieveable demand of wives from Vietnam and Korea by the Singaporeans market which is alot more than what you can imagine of . Absolutely unbelieveable !

Much attention went to Vietnamese because more and more singaporeans are tapping into vietnamese market for business expansion etc.. and found the quality of the woman that is most ideal into what Singaporeans are looking for in a wife that Singaporean girl do not process

As for Korean wives, it has something more or less to do with the recent K-Pop wave just like the previous J-pop wave.

Today as of year 2014 the tides has changed again once more and people have started looking into the Myanmar market to scout and search for wives in myanmar or coming from myanmar as Singaporean contact with myanmar nationals over the recent few years has increased alot and found that ther is lesser language barriers between myanmar people and Singaporean citizens.

Furture Trend in my own personal opinion

In my own personal and individual opinion of how i see things by the looks of what is going on, the next country that will be included into our scope of wife search or wife hunt or wife scout will be among one of the following countries

  1. Mongolia
  2. Cambodia
  3. Bhutan
  4. Russia

out of these 4 i predict to be one of the next hit in personal opinion, i would believe Mongolia and Bhutan has a higher percentage and out these 2 the very likely hit should be Mongolia. Let's see if what i today predict as of year 2014 march will come true in the future about 3 or 5 years later.

Existing List of Countries for wives by Singaporean Men

Of the existing countries i have listed in the scope that Singaporeans go all out to find wives which are
  1. Malaysia
  2. Indonesia
  3. Philippines
  4. Thailand
  5. Japan
  6. China
  7. India
  8. Vietnam
  9. South Korea
  10. Myanmar

The Decline of Countries

There are some recent decline and lost of interest as well as sediments due to much bad experiences Singaporean had with certain foreigners as wife and employment in the work force and political issues

the declining countries will be
  1. China
  2. India
  3. Philippines

and of the 3, China is worst as the highest number of failed marriages and Singaporean man are very badly victimised , conned and cheated until nothing left come from China. The reputation of China national wife is really too bad in the recent few years.

India is also similar but not as bad as China, & as to the Philippines much is due to employment and politicital issues in the recent few years in Singapore

How and Where do Singaporeans Find Wife

the means and methods used to find wife are commonly from dating or matchmaking agencies some of which are even agencies that sell wives to Singaporeans. Such agencies who sell wives, the company is Singapore company but the agent and everything is directly from their own native countries.

Others would fly all the way into that country itself find for about a maximum of 3 months duration by going into the villages or the local agency in the country itself.

Another common method is by word of mouth where people that already know introduces someone to them.

As to methods of looking for foreign wife who is already an immigrants inside of Singapore or going by Internet social media website to search are not common or popular methods so far.

Sad , bad , Fail and unsuccessful cases of victim of marriages

Sad and bad example or failed cased and unsuccessful marriages whereby the foreign girls are victims here in Singapore are really too low and rare more than what you can imagine. But cases of which it is the Singaporean man who are the victim it is really too common. Most of the Singaporean man always gets cheated by the foreign wife they marry whom they love too much and really give their everything to her until he has nothing left for himself.

Despite all these

Even though there is a fear among many Singaporean man that he will become the victim, but still too many Singaporean man still want to marry foreign wife and myself i am among one of them.

Of course saying all this does not means that every Singaporean man marries foreigners here. But however the number of marriages with foreigners especially in the recent few years since 2010 has increase tremendously and it is very shocking in this rise of number that it is becoming more and more common and normal and usual to see a Singaporean married with foreigner these days today in Singapore.

The New Challengers

On top of this, there is also a growing number of foreign girls who come all the way into the heartlands of Singapore just a find a Singaporean husband to marry and these girls comes from Japan, USA, & Britain.

These girls come here from their own country just for the objective and motive and reason of finding themselves a Singaporean husband to marry here and stay here and such is also on the rise as well inside of Singapore too.

Hence it is not in every case that Singaporean man need to go into the heartlands of other countries to find, there are also others who comes into our heartlands to find us as well too.

Why no marry locals

And in the case of Singaporeans marry local girls, to marry a local girl is not always the first choice that the majority of Singaporean man have in mind, often it is the last choice or for some never at all no matter what the worst may result , even if they really cannot find a foreign wife they would still rather never ever marry a Singaporean girl as wife.

The market of Singaporean girl by Singaporean man for marriage is relatively very low in stock and demand and interests as well.
This does not refers to all Singaporean girls but it is on a very and absolutely general basics of how and what kind of woman is a Singaporean woman ?

Again i have to re emphasis it is only a general statement and it does not refers to all.

What kind of Girls are Singaporean Girls

So what is girls of Singapore generally ?

Most of the Singaporean girls can be classified into these 3 types 5C SPG GCP & there are really too many of them inside of Singapore.

5C(s) Girls of Singapore

5C girls so what are the 5C(s) ?
Cash ,credit card or some say country club membership ,career ,condominium , & car
these are the very famous 5C Singapore girl look for in a man these are considered to be the very basic requirements only
refer to this link if you wish to's_of_Singapore

SPG ( Sarong Party Girls) of Singapore
SPG refer to those girls who always go outside have fun and party to look for man and i am talking about rich, influential, powerful and famous foreign man ( Americans, Europeans, Australians, Japanese or Koreans) they look for man to be their mistress , to be their girlfriend and to be their wife

you may refer to this link if you wish to

GCP ( Golden Cheese Pie ) Girls of Singapore
finally Singaporean girls are also very famous for being GCP ( golden cheese pie)
gcp refers to those who see themselves very high class , high status , above others, very expensive girls wear all things branded go to only expensive high class places use all high class and branded things everything must be expensive and have class cheap things don want always ask the guy spend alot of money on her want many expensive gifts from the guy only go with people who can match their status

refer to this link

Check List of Singaporean Girls

Many of the girls in Singapore here look into how many of the below point the man has just only to be worthy of consideration only

  1. Do you have the looks & handsome
  2. Do you have the body , muscular, & big in size
  3. Do have the money, are you poor
  4. Do you hold any high position like a manager or director
  5. Do you own a car
  6. Are still living with parents and Singapore girls always look down on guys who lives with their parents
  7. Is your House those big and expensive type
  8. Do you own any privilege membership cards
  9. Are you smart & have special talents
  10. Do you have anything for them to show off in front of others

To generalise Singaporean Girls but not referring to all
Generally, Singaporean girls are over demanding, high expectations people, very bossy and fussy types, over career minded , over realistic , over proctorial, very money minded and materialistic , too pampered and spoiled, cannot take hardships and want good life, non traditional wife and non family orientated and non husband orientated, just to generalise.

Although this general group of girls in Singapore are in big numbers here in Singapore but again like what i have to say once more it is not all .

Singaporeans as a general Whole

Often, it has been said by the Charity organisations of other countries that Singaporeans as a generally whole man or woman has a heart of a Buddha. How true is this statement i leave it to you

Selling point of a Singaporean Husband

A Singaporean man really gives his everything to his girl and more than what he can give until he really has nothing more to give and anything more will be his life

Singaporean man may not be the best in everything and what they give to their girl is already exceeding their best . They do everything for their girl not with words but with real actions and results.

He can really give his all and everything and anything to the girl until he has nothing left for himself. Even if it means he will go bankrupt, he will be in heavy debts , he will be reduce to a beggar begging on the streets he will also it ! Speaking about to die for the girl , there has been real life cases and example as well in the history of Singapore as well. All that has been mentioned in this paragraph is real things , no jokes, no exaggeration everything all real and true.

What Foreigners who married to Singaporean husband say

it has been frequently told upon to the Singaporeans husband, friends & etc... by these foreigners wives that in their whole life as a female gender, the greatest thing in life is to marry a Singaporean husband and if to say regrets and remorse it will be why not earlier known and marry a Singaporean husband?

From their own mouth , they have expressed that it is only the Singaporean man who really and truly make them felt good to be a woman, proud to be a woman and they only felt they are a woman after marrying Singaporean husband. They had never ever felt as woman before in their whole entire life until they married a Singaporean husband.

They receive more than just the due respect , believe, trust and love and care that a woman can ever ask for from a man as a woman. This is at least one point that man from their own country failed to give them according to what they had expressed.

The Singaporean husband really treated them like a real princess, a queen, and a goddess all 3 in 1. it was the first time in their life they finally know they are a woman , no need to afraid of being woman, no need to don't like being woman , no need to feel bad being a woman , no need anything at all.

In fact they even encourage other fellow Singaporean man who cannot find the right Singaporean girl that don't have to keep themselves to only Singaporean girls , the world outside of Singapore is big and there are alot more better girls outside waiting for us Singaporean man and we Singaporean man truly deserve a better girl for ourselves.

It was in their own opinion that they felt Singaporean girls are unworthy of Singaporean man. This statement is also something that many other Singaporean man felt too about their own Singaporean girls as well.

These foreigner wife also encourage woman from their own native country to come out of the country to marry a Singaporean husband instead of their own local man as they say Singaporean husband are really the best and most ideal husband for a girl

there really isn't anything a girl should ask for if she can marry a Singaporean man cos the Singaporean man is the best !

If You are a Singaporean man

But these are among just some of the reasons why many do not want to marry Singaporean girls including foreigner man as well.

Hence it is just only a small part of the explanations of why Singaporean man want to marry foreign wife so much.

This scenario of Singaporean man marry foreigners as wives is really very unlike to ever change for now and even in the far future and Singapore will still continue to be a land of immigrants and a land of tansnational marriages

so now having reading so much if you are a Singaporean man will you marry a Singaporean girl or a foreigner ? Share your answers and state your reasons


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