Sunday, 19 May 2013

Oriental Temple Praying Knowledge

I am very sure there are many things you are not aware of when comes to praying to the Gods in the temples. 
For the orientals there are certain things they believe in and it is good for you to know as well.

Praying time

This is a particularly time which you cannot pray & this time is between 12pm to 5pmThe remaining other time are also ok to prayBut the best time to pray in during sunrise and sunset. 

It does not mean to say that there is anything offending or anysort if you pray at the time between 12pm to 5pm 
but however just for your general knowledge, that time is really not meant for praying. 

Meaning to the Number of Joss Sticks

Number of joss stick you use has meaning as well

The different number that you use is to the different level & status of gods & guardians to convey message for you to the direct god you are praying to

If to simplify their godly status , ranks and hierarchy in our human context
when you use the following numbers :

1 is to general workers of the bottom level
3 is to the junior executives to senior executives
5 is to the management level 
9 is to the ceo, md, director etc... the highest at the top 
2 don't anyhow use unless u know how to use. The number 2 is used for summoning

so you are actually seeking the different level of gods and guardians to provide you with assistance and help you convey message to the specific and particular god or buddha in the temple you are praying to. 

Big Joss Sticks

There are also big size joss sticks as well. 

if you are using the big size joss sticks, 3 will be really enough
1 represents 3. so please really do not go and use more than 3. 

if however it is those really super big kind of joss sticks. 
1 is really more than just enough as that 1 already represents 9

it is really very common and usual to see people using number 1 and 3 when praying to gods , buddha, ghosts and ancestors. 

It is seldom to see people using numbers 5 & 9 when praying in temples. but it is common to see people who uses numbers 5 and 9 are people who are entrepreneurs , ceos etc....

however when it comes to praying to ghosts and ancestors , if possible do try to avoid 5 & 9

Usage of 2 Joss sticks

The number 2 wise, is use for summoning 
Black magic, white magic whatsoever,as long as to summon the number 2 is being used. 
To summon spirits from the underworld or call upon spirits from the heavens, the number 2 is being use. 
Unless you really know how to use it, otherwise it is highly advisable and recommendable not to use the number 2. 

Joss Stick Number Applications

This Joss stick number is universal for all Taoism, Buddhism, Shinto & Confucianism religions. 
It applies to Chinese, Vietnamese, Koreans, Japanese, Thais, Laotians, Burmese, & Cambodians

the number they use is all the same but the meaning can be different from the Chinese.      

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