Friday, 27 February 2015

Percentage of Marriage in Singapore

Marriage Percentage of Singapore

2013 Reports %
Based on year 2013 reports, the percentage of marriages in Singapore is somewhere about 26% with about 31% of them are males and 28% are females.

Around 19% out of the 26% are first marriages and the rest are remarriage.

Age of Marriage
Between the genders, most males marry between age 30-34 & most females marry between age 25-29.

Where Median age is of concern, for males is 30 years old and remarriage is 42 years old. Wherelse for females, it will be 28 years old and remarriage is 36 years old

Median age for the major ethnic groups males will be as follows :
  1. Chinese : 31 years old
  2. Malay : 29 years old
  3. Indians : 30 years old
  4. Eurasian : 33 years old
  5. Caucasians : 36 years old
  6. Others : 30 years old

Median age for the major ethnic groups males will be as follows :
  1. Chinese : 29 years old
  2. Malay : 27 years old
  3. Indians : 27 years old
  4. Eurasian : 30 years old
  5. Caucasians : 31 years old
  6. Others : 29 years old

Based on the statistics males usually marry female who are of same age as them as the highest with older by 1 year and younger by 1 year that follows in chronological order

Divorce,Single and Widowed

Divorced man with single woman ranked highest followed by single man with single woman and then widowed man with single woman.

Eligible Marriage

Eligible for marriage males and females who got married are estimated to be somewhere around 21 thousand each based on year 2013 reports.

Marriages in Singapore is very low. Out of every 1000 unmarried man only 39 gets to marry and out of every 1000 unmarried woman only 37 gets married.

Education and Religion

Majorities of the people who are married are mostly professionals and managements & they held University qualifications.

Marriages in terms of religion wise, more are from Christianity and Buddhism.

Cross Racial Marriages

Numbers released in 2013 suggested that 20% of the marriages are between the different races (Ethnic groups)

Transnational Marriages

marriages between Singaporeans and a PR(permanent resident) or a foreigner accounts to 8 out of every 10 marriages. Which means that only 2 are Singaporeans and Singaporeans. (around 80% of the marriages are between Singaporeans and non-residents)

Based on reports of 2014 although much details were not release as for now, it has suggested that the percentage of marriages rose by 10% which means it is 36%.

since year 2003 whereby the marriages with non-residents was about 23 percent, this has rose greatly in year 2013 and it was last recorded currently as close to 80% of the marriages out of our marriage percentage of 36% as of 2014 are with non-residents leaving only 20% of the marriages are between Singaporeans.

Support for Foreign spouses make easier

This rise is still increasing and as a result of such amendment are made in regulations to make it easier for transnational marriages in terms of support such as work and others.



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