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In the world of today, very unlike in the past eras whereby we used to lived within our own communities and families and many aspects pretty much isolated. 

Today, many very original values, traditions, believes etc... is slowly fading away with time. 
Things that can be kept today and carry on is very minimal already. Some of them which still exist today may still apply and even in the future but others may not last long

Things, People, Society, & Countries are getting very modernize, realistic, practical, globalist & international. Too many things do not apply to just one country or society or ethnic group etc.. more and more things applies to all today.  Those that do not is getting lesser and lesser. 

Recently studies had shown today it is no longer man who always cheat, disloyal and unfaithful in the world of today. Instead, it is now woman who is a bigger cheater than man already today. More difficult for woman today to stay loyal and faithful and true to her man , today ! The numbers of cheaters who are woman today is even higher than man in the world of today. 

Cheating this kind of thing involves many factors. some of which is character issues but it is still more than just that ! Scenario is also another ! Given certain scenarios that cheating can be made possible for her will she still cheat ? 

The below are some of the listed out 18 scenarios whereby there is a possibility for woman to cheat on you so beware and warned.  ( i am saying possibilities i never say confirm will given those scenarios so please get it correct)

18 Categories of Women Most Likely To Cheat

  1. She has lots of close male friends
    A significant number of affairs begin as close friendships with members of the opposite sex. The relationship may be platonic at the beginning, but chances are, it won’t stay that way. The closer the woman is to her platonic male friend, the more likely it is that he will eventually end up becoming her lover – unless he’s gay. See How Emotional Infidelity Can Progress to Sexual Infidelity and 5 Things About Emotional Infidelity

  1. She has girlfriends who are cheating on their mates.
    Never underestimate the power of peer pressure. Adults are susceptible to it, too. If a woman has one or more close female friends who are cheating on their husbands or boyfriends, she may eventually start cheating, too.

  1. She has an excessive need for attention
    A woman who constantly craves attention may cheat on her mate if she feels she’s not getting enough attention from him. She will be easy prey for any man who showers with her the attention she feels she deserves. See Why Women Cheat vs Why Men Cheat - They Cheat for Different Reasons

  1. She’s materialistic.
    A materialistic woman is likely to have an affair with a wealthy man because of the material things he can provide. She can easily be seduced with jewellery, designer clothes, lavish vacations, or the cash to buy these and other expensive things.

  1. She views sex as a statement of her femininity.
    Her identity as a woman is tied to how many men she sleeps with. Seducing men to sleep with her is the focal point of her life. With this mental attitude, it’s hard for her to stay faithful to just one man.

  1. She’s a thrill seeker or a risk taker.
    If she’s the type who likes to live dangerously, she’ll cheat just for the thrill of it, or for the excitement of doing something forbidden, or for the challenge of seeing if she can pull it off without getting caught. She views infidelity as other people would view a high-risk sport.

  1. She’s easily bored.
    A woman who is easily bored, or who leads a dull, routine life may cheat on her mate just to alleviate her boredom or add some excitement to her life. See Study on Mothers Who Cheat

  1. She has been cheated on by her mate.
    If a woman’s husband or boyfriend has cheated on her, she may try to even the score by cheating on him in return. Many women who have been victims of infidelity will indulge in retaliatory cheating or have revenge affairs. See Revenge Cheating is a Common Female Response to Infidelity

  1. She likes being the centre of attention.
    If a woman thrives on being the centre of attention at all times, she is sexually vulnerable to any man who fawns over her, or makes her feel like she’s #1

  1. She’s addicted to alcohol or drugs.
    Women who are substance abusers are much more likely to end up cheating on their mates. Female alcoholics are susceptible to infidelity because their inhibitions will be lowered and their judgement impaired. Female drug addicts may sell their bodies for drugs. Either type of woman is likely to cheat without realizing what she’s doing. See Infidelity Traps - 12 Ways People Unintentionally Get Drawn into Cheating on Their Mates

  1. She has a reputation as a “party girl.”
    If she’s the type of woman who runs with a fast crowd, or parties all the time, or hangs out until the wee hours of the night, her lifestyle makes her vulnerable to having an affair.

  1. She’s a sex addict.
    Women can be sex addicts, too. It’s an addiction that affects at least 6% of the American population. In the past these women were referred to as nymphomaniacs. This is a medical condition that requires professional medical help. See Signs of a Sex Addict

  1. She has a sex drive greater than her partner’s.
    If her sex drive greatly exceeds the sex drive of her husband or boyfriend, or her spouse or significant other is lacking in bedroom skills, she’s much more likely to cheat on her mate. She’ll find another man to make up for her mate’s deficiency.

  1. She’s had lots of sexual experience.
    If she has led a very active sex life, or has had lots of sex partners before settling down, she will find it extremely difficult to stay faithful to just one man.

  1. She cheated before and got away with it.
    That old saying “ Once a cheater, always a cheater will apply if she cheated in the past and didn't suffer any negative consequences as a result of her infidelity. If she cheated before and didn’t get caught, she’s more likely to cheat again. The same applies if she cheated and her man readily forgave her without holding her accountable for her infidelity. See 5 Things about Why So Many Cheaters Don’t Get Caught

  1. She has a big ego.
    If she’s extremely egotistic, any man who feeds her inflated ego can easily get her into bed.

  1. She suffers from low self esteem.
    The opposite characteristic is also a danger sign. If she suffers from low-self esteem, she will be easy prey for the man who flatters her, makes her feel good about herself, and boosts her self esteem. See Why Women Cheat vs Why Men Cheat - They Cheat for Different Reasons

  1. She views sex as a game. In her mind,
    sex is not connected to love. Sex is just a game in which she gets points for every man she beds. Even though she may be in love with her partner, she’ll have sex with as many men as possible so she can gain the maximum number of points and win the game.

The more of the above categories your wife or girlfriend fits into, the more likely it is that she will cheat on you.

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