Saturday, 22 December 2012

How Dooms Day will strike in my dream of 21st Dec 2012 night time

 Since the 20th of December, my friends and I were on the group chat (whatsapp) , chatting and joking about December 21st, the so called Dooms day as per the Mayan calendar. we talk , chat , joke, poke fun, talk rubbish etc... on this topic all the way till december 21st evening time itself.

then during the night of december 21st itself when I was sleeping, a dream came upon me on how will dooms day strike upon us. 

Just like what Nostradamus, mention about a calm morning in the prediction of PSY's Gangnam Stylesimilarly Dooms day in my dream also occur on a very usual calm morning just like any other normal days. 

But again just when you thought that it is just any other normal usual days , you are wrong.
indeed it appear like any other usual normal day but suddenly humans began to gather around down the streets in crowds and as a matter of time it broke up into a gang fight and riots downs the streets and roads all over the place. 

this lead into us humans killing one another 

indeed a very normal peaceful day that it could be had now turn into a bloodshed day. however this was not just only internally within a single nation itself, such similar incident was on a global scale in fact ! Similar cases were also happening worldwide across the globe as well. not sure to say is it by some chance or coincidence.

to makes things worst, such internal affair did not just end here. it spread on till it reach a point of where nations are at war with one another despite their own individual internal problems each. 

Just at this point where we humans around the world, were all so busy fighting and killing one another.......

The biggest fight has arrived ! 
We now stand trial against the might of the heavens !

Feel the grief, sorrow , anger and wrath of the HEAVENS !!!
The Heavens has cast upon us with Armageddon !

first came the heavy bombardment of comets

next came in with huge floods

but again, that still isn't the last of it yet!
to make things further worst, just when everyone was seeking for land areas, now came the earthquakes !

the earth start to shook , lands torn apart , pit holes everywhere and people falling into them

everywhere around us somewhere there are people falling

can we human cast and throw all of our differences aside and stand together as one for our new common goal and objective which lies ahead of us all ... ? which is now survival ?

At such juncture of destruction where the eminent threat of total annihilation stands against us now, what would be our final stand ?

All the true colours of the human race are fully shown in this trial of dooms day. 
are there still humanity ? 

do humans still deserve the right to exist ?

alot of things alot of questions and alot of answers. 

through trials of life and time with actions shown as well as event happenings and we shall all know.

this dream was really too real , tooooo tooo realistic. 

I really saw fear in myself in my own dream

after waking up when the alarm bell rang and it is time to go to work i had a pretty bade headache for around half of the day. 

is this dream some revelation , some weird coincidence or was it due to thinking too much or talking too much of the dooms day topic whatsoever?


i really had no idea

but anyways i didn't really take this dream seriously but however would still like to share it.  




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