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Pen Fairy Movie : 笔仙 / 분신사바 / Bunshinsaba

笔仙 / 분신사바 / Bunshinsaba


Pen Fairy

This is a South Korean Movie about Pen Fairy / Pen spirit. The Movie name is known as 분신사바 in Korean, the English name is Bunshinsaba and the Chinese name is 笔仙.

Personal Opinion

Personally to me, it is in my own opinion that overall this Pen Fairy Movie is very Chinese to me. There too many similarities that it shares with the Chinese with regards of what Pen Fairy is all about, how to play it, the summoning, and the consequences of this game. To me, I really do not see any difference at all with the Chinese version. They are both about the same.

Just perhaps only or maybe there really might be of some difference which is of their own Korean version but either than just that few points, on the overall to me it basically, Chinese despite that the movie is a Korean film.

Koreans Are Chinese?

Who knows? It is can really be possible that the Koreans had Chinese Ancestry long ago in the past? Maybe the Korean language is actually just one of the Chinese dialects in the past ? But anyways whichever the case is it is all history already and until finally and eventually proven of the statement officially can we then make it a conclusion.

Till today, just like the Japanese, the Koreans have a lot of thing they refuse to admit concerning their links and relationship with the Chinese in terms of Ancestry, History, Culture and Traditions.

What is Pen Fairy ?


In case you have no idea of what Pen Spirit or Pen Fairy is all about, it is basically one of the many Chinese methods of summoning the spirit to seek for answers of our own worldly affairs. These spirits can know of the past, present and even predict the future.

Examples of such would be cases of students who seek answers from these spirits concerning their exams, Youngsters asking on matters of the heart, greedy people asking lottery numbers etc..

For the good or bad, for the better or worst it really all depends. There are many factors that can affect it in the process and conclusion. Things can be such as questions that you are asking, if you are sincere and respectful enough towards the spirit as well as if you are following the procedure correctly and many others more.

This game takes at least 2 participants to play it. The participants are face each other and placing one of their hands in the front each all holding on gently to the same pen in the middle. Call upon the pen fairy 3 times and concentrate hard in believe and faith of that the fairy will descent and close your eyes. DO NOT OPEN YOUR EYES !

It can take up to 15 minutes for the summoned spirit to finally descent. The moment your pen starts to move by itself it means that the spirit has arrived. Once the spirit has arrived, you can start asking questions and let the spirit give you the answer as it will write for you. Bare in mind that your questions are to be as simple and easy as possible. Do not ask anything complicated.

When you are done, politely invite the spirit to leave.

However, it is inadvisable to play this game. You are dabbling with unknown spirits and you have to answer for the consequences yourself in any events that things go wrong.

The Movie


This movie, 笔仙 / 분신사바 / Bunshinsaba is horror movie in the year of 2004. It is a 92minutes movie in Korean language.


The Cast to it are :


Kim Gyu-ri (규리; born 27 June 1979 )


Lee Se-eun (이세은; born August 31, 1980)


Lee Yoo-ri (이유리; born January 28, 1982


Choi Jeong-yoon (최정윤; born 9 May 1977)


The Synopsis of the movie is as follows :


The story is about Yoo-Jin, a transfer student from Seoul who, with her two other friends, are constantly being bullied by a few classmates. One night, Yoo-Jin and her friends decide to place a curse on their enemies by creating a Ouija board and start to write the names of the female bullies. Using the Bunshinsaba curse, Yoo-Jin warns the others not to open their eyes until the spell is finished. The calling takes effect, and Yoo-jin, somewhat curious, opens her eyes. To her shock and horror, she sees an image of a pale-like dead girl with long hair beside her.

However, that does not stop there. The next morning when Yoo-jin came into the classroom,she discovers that one of the bullies's corpse on the desk with a burned face. Meanwhile, the school employs a volunteer teacher named Eun Ju Lee, simply known as Ms. Lee, as an art teacher. She starts to call the roll in her class and stumbles on seat number 29 as she mentions the name Kim In-Sook. The students are terrified when they hear the name, and rush out of the classroom as they see her talking to Kim In-Sook. The only one left is Yoo-Jin, who tells Eun Ju that Kim In-Sook doesn't exist. Eun Ju takes another look at the seat and realizes that there's no name at seat number 29. Suddenly, Yoo-Jin sees a figure on Eun Ju's back.

Investigations soon rise as other three bullies die in the same manner. Finally, Yoo-Jin realizes that the spirit Kim In-Sook is possessing her. She killed all of those bullies, even though she doesn't remember doing it.

Eun Ju also senses a terrible force surrounding Yoo-Jin as she also starts to feel an unearthly presence within her. Mr. Han, Yoo-Jin's class adviser, decides to help Yoo-Jin by consulting his friend on what causes her to act strangely. Through hypnotism, they are able to see the past and find out that the spirit possessing Yoo-Jin is that of Kim In-Sook, and have a vision how she was killed. Things get worse when Eun Ju becomes possessed by Kim In-Sook's mother, Chun Hee, who was in fact a reincarnation. Chun Hee and Kim In-Sook were brutally killed by the villagers and before dying, placed a curse that for generations to come, whoever left the village would die. With Chun Hee finally taking possession of Eun Ju's body, she exacts punishment on the people who wronged them, slaying the school's principal but sparing Mr. Han's life.

Not long after, Eun Ju gives birth to a girl and within that girl's body is the spirit of Kim In-Sook.

Movie Review

My personal comments on this movie

Basically this movie is not as horror as what you may imagine of it to be from the name. It is still pretty okay to me.

But personally as what people always says, Movies and drama reflects the daily life hood of humans in real life, and based on this statement from the way of how I see this movie, I should think that their daily life hood is simply too free and nothing else better to do. Well at least that is the impression I am getting.

The mother ghost is still at least merciful toward to male teacher an in the whole movie had done nothing really to harm him. In fact she made use of him to get herself pregnant so that her daughter can be resurrected as a human.

The movie is about revenge of both mother and daughter on those who had killed them. The villagers are not too welcoming on outsiders in this movie and they are also superstitious thinking that by eliminating these two outsiders will then that they have peace and need not live in fear as the 2 of them, mother and daughter are cursed and bring harm to people around them.

30 years later, the curse took place when the wrong spirit is being summoned and all the revenge starts to take place when a student and teacher gets processed.

The morale of the story still falls back to the same conclusion. Never Dabble with Spirits.

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